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Get Great Gums with Cosmetic Laser Gum Reshaping

Get a great-looking smile with cosmetic laser gum reshaping.

When you think about the things that make a great smile, white and straight teeth probably come to mind. But, do you ever think about having great-looking gums? The teeth are naturally the focal point when you flash your pearly whites, but having healthy gums that look good is just as important. Dr. Caracioni offers patients cosmetic laser gum reshaping to keep gums healthy and give patients confidence when they smile.  

What is Cosmetic Laser Gum Reshaping?

Cosmetic laser gum reshaping is a procedure that uses a soft-tissue laser to correct cosmetic issues of the gum line.

Gums that are proportionate to your teeth give you a great-looking grin, but when your gums are oversized, they can make your teeth look short. Gums that are too short or have receded in some areas can make teeth appear longer or make your smile look uneven and unhealthy.

What are the Benefits of Cosmetic Laser Gum Reshaping?

Using a laser to cosmetically reshape the gums allows Dr. Caracioni to be precise when removing excess tissue, which gives laser gum reshaping an edge over traditional gum surgery. Precisely targeting areas of excess gum tissue results in a gum line that is even and looks natural.

Using a laser also makes the procedure faster than traditional surgical treatment, which is a huge plus for many patients. Healing time after the procedure is also minimized because there is less blood during the procedure. As the laser targets tissue, it is cauterizing it at the same time. Less blood also means a reduced risk of infection.

Less pain is another plus of laser gum reshaping. Pain is reduced during the cosmetic laser gum reshaping because the laser temporarily numbs the gum tissues, minimizing pain during and after the procedure.

Aside from giving you more shapely gums, cosmetic laser gum reshaping also improves the health of your gums. The laser targets and neutralizes the bacteria that cause gum disease. The laser also seals the gum tissue to prevent future infection.

Am I a Candidate for Cosmetic Laser Gum Reshaping?

Wondering if you’re a good candidate for cosmetic laser gum reshaping? If you have excess or uneven gum tissue and want a more contoured gum line and a great-looking smile, you are an ideal candidate for the cosmetic laser gum reshaping procedure. Call Dr. Caracioni today at 785-783-0741 to schedule your consultation.