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Smile and Improve Health

Did you know that smiling has significant health and mood-boosting benefits? It’s true. Dr. Caracioni knows that if you love your smile, you’ll be more likely to show it off, leading to an improvement in your overall health. As a result, Dr. Caracioni makes it her mission to ensure all her patients love their smiles.

Here are some great reasons to smile more:

Smiling Improves Your Mood. Smiling, laughing and even fake laughing make you feel better almost instantly. It’s hard to be angry or upset if you’re smiling. Next time you’re angry or upset, try smiling or laughing to boost your mood!

Smiling Causes Relaxation. When you’re in a good mood, you tend to relax. Even the act of smiling raises your serotonin levels and lowers your blood pressure.

Smiling Improves Health. Laughing and smiling helps your muscles relax and improves your circulation. Laughing also causes the body to release endorphins that help to reduce pain and improve your immune system. Some studies have also linked smiling and laughing to reduced blood pressure and cholesterol, two factors that contribute to improved heart health.

Smiling Makes Others See You Differently. Not only does a smile look better than a frown, but it will also make you appear more approachable and attractive to other people. Your smiling and laughing will also make others want to smile and laugh, too.

Smiling Makes You More Productive. Thinking about working probably does not make you want to smile, but if you smile while you work, you may find you get more done and get it done faster. Laughing and being in a good mood will also boost the spirits of your co-workers and lighten the feeling of your workplace. At least, we hope it will!

Dr. Caracioni wants you to love your smile and get the many benefits of smiling mentioned in this blog. If you don’t love your smile, do something about it! Schedule a smile makeover consultation to get the smile you want today by calling 785-783-0741.